We are a team of designers, engineers and project managers, working across every aspect of the built environment. Together we help our clients bring to fruition their design intent to make the most of what we believe, is a brand’s most important touchpoint.

We can assist with any, or all, of the following:

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Hold an initial briefing meeting. Survey the premise and document the findings related to the fitout. This includes a Condition Report as well as addressing all Leasing / Landlord Requirements and flagging any potential issues.

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Preliminary Design – prepare concept designs moving to preliminary designs of the preferred option. This will include coloured layout and shopfront, internal and external elevations and a 3D fly-through. Liaise with the Landlord / RDM to seek feedback and approval in principal.

Tender Documentation – document a full set of drawings suitable for tender [incl. (on an "as required" basis): plans, elevations & sections, finishes, furniture & joinery, general details, graphics and signage, all schedules and specifications.] Provide final drawing set to client to obtain Landlord / RDM approvals.

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Assess the need for, and obtain, all relevant permit and council approvals. Engage external services consultants to ensure that all the required compliance’s are met.

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Finalize procurement strategy, prepare a Request for Quotation (RFQ) Pack which combines all drawings, construction documentation and contractual obligations, release RFQ to select vendors, review all RFQ submissions and conduct post tender interviews, present recommendations back to the client and authorise contractor(s) to proceed.

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Mobilization - appoint the successful builder / shopfitter on behalf of the client and request a Works Schedule. Organise start-up meeting and if engaged to do so, place orders with clients nominated suppliers (equipment, furniture, security, etc …) and ensure that the timelines are met.

Construction - project manage the build, coordinate and manage the RFIs between the clients appointed designer and builder, follow up to ensure all assigned responsibilities have been completed and manage any variations in accordance with established protocols.

Post Construction - on completion, check the quality of the works and issue a defect list (if necessary) for remedial works, inspect and issue Certificate of Practical Completion (CPCs) when satisfied, and approve contractors invoices on the clients behalf.

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